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Don't miss the Ismailia Shriniers’ Feztival of Trees

Posted at 5:01 PM, Nov 05, 2021

Jan Walken, chairwoman, Feztival of Trees says they have really been trying to do some additional fundraising to support their mission. She says their next major adventure is, the upcoming Feztival of Trees. She says they are having people donate decorated trees. They will also have a child’s craft area and a little area where kids can write letters to Santa. There will also a vendor area. Jan says they need more vendors, and it is very economical, only $20 for three days and if you don’t want to come all three days you can pick a day, but it is still $20. You get an eight-foot table, power if you need it, a couple of chairs and it is a really just a nice environment.

Jan says the event will start on Wednesday, November 24th from 10am – 4pm, Friday, November 26th from 10am – 7pm and Saturday, November 27th from 10am – 3pm.

Jan says if you’ve ever been to a basket raffle; this is like a tree raffle. She says you buy tickets and you will get ten tickets for five dollars and then you put tickets in little candy canes if you want to win that tree.

Dan Freund, chairman, Shrine meat raffle says we join the fraternity because we want to be part of something bigger, and when we get the support of the public whether it’s through the Feztival of Trees or the meat raffles or circuses or whatever, it helps us do what we do best.

The Ismailia Shrine Center is doing a meat raffle tomorrow, but it is sold out. However, they are going to start selling tickets in December for their next meat raffle at the end of February or the beginning of March.

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