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Customized programs to help you lose weight

Posted at 6:10 PM, Jul 14, 2022

Adapting to and adopting a healthy lifestyle means addressing old pitfalls — creating better routines — and getting in touch with behaviors that could keep you from your goal.

Emily Lampa spoke with a therapeutic weight loss specialist from Instriv about how they customize programs for each client to help them reach success.

When asked what is it that is keeping people from finding that perfect weight loss process, Diane R. Freynik, senior nutritional counselor & therapeutic weight loss specialist with Instriv says” body chemistry, that’s really what we do differently here.” She goes on to say, “Basically not all diets are going to work the same, not all of them are going to work long-term, not all of them are going to have you burning fat and retaining your lean muscle mass, not all them are going to help you achieve that goal weight but then also teach you how to keep that weight off over time because sustainability is really an important factor and truthfully, sometimes just the typical eat less, move more model that we all have been preached to our whole lives isn’t enough to do that. What we are going to look here with Instriv is not just your nutrition, but also working with that chemistry within the body and all of those things that might be making it hard for you to burn fat in the first place.”

When you have a consultation, Diane tells us that they really get to the heart of what is going on with you, they are going to learn more about you as an individual, what your medical concerns are, what weight loss programs you tried in the past, does your weight stay stable or are you one of those people are yo yo-ing all the time.

Diane says, “The things it really comes down to are typically a hormone imbalance or additional acidity that in the body that somebody doesn’t even know they have. Sometimes it’s an inflammation problem. Chronic inflammation is a really big anti-weight loss thing if that’s what’s going on with you. Leptin resistance is number one and that one is usually something people don’t hear about a lot about but leptin is your fat burning hormone so when you are leptin resistant it is going to cause your body to basically use sugar as an energy source and burn that and not burn any fat.” She says the problem that typical calorie reductive diet doesn’t take any of these things into account, so you are spinning your wheels. Diane says,”You need something that is going to metabolically build and change the body so what we do here at Instriv is we are going to help identify what you might have going on, which one of these applies to you, where is it coming from. You are going to meet with a therapeutic weight loss specialist, like myself, who going to help identify that and then we are going to help you correct it because we are going to customize that individualized program for each person, we meet with that helps work on not just nutrition but also those body chemistry issues.”

Diane says the average woman loses 8 – 15 pounds a month, the average male 18 – 15 pounds a month.

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