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Customer focused service at Mercedes-Benz of Buffalo

Posted at 1:58 PM, Jul 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-23 12:21:23-04

Emily Lampa is at Mercedes-Benz of Buffalo and today we take a look at the inside amenities. Did you know eight out of ten of their customers come back and stay with the brand? Brian Stracick, service and parts director says he truly believes they made a very unique environment here for services and visits overall. He says they took what they had as far as space and didn’t think about anything other than those who would be coming in and out of here. He goes on to say they made it comfortable and breathable and have gave it an open-air space that makes their visit here as pleasurable as it can be. They try to focus on that five-star experience.

Brian says what is nice about the courtesy cars is first, they are always for sale. Mercedes-Benz has allowed them to keep new cars in the cycle and what’s happening, in a lot of cases, their customers will have something four or five years old and they get in the new one and it is a relatively free test drive. He says it’s a nice experience for the customers because one great thing about Mercedes-Benz that goes without saying, is they take a lot of pride with it and it’s nice to have the next newest, to show then next newest, along with the comforts but the pride of having that is a wonderful thing and it’s a wonderful resource. The courtesy program is great overall, and they do the best we can with all, and the feedback has been positive.

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