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Crunch time apple growers

Posted at 6:32 PM, Jan 06, 2021

Mel talks with Warren Abbott from his apple farm. The apple farm is over 150 years old and he is the 5th steward of the land at Abbott Farm in Baldwinsville, NY. He tells us they have a couple of new variety of apples created right here in New York State and they have risen to the top. The apples are snap dragon and ruby frost.

There is more than just the magic behind the apples there is actual science. Abbotts says yes there is and from Dr. Susan Brown at Cornell University, these two varieties came out of her program and her team. Snap dragon has pine crisp as a parent and a lot of years of trial and error and a lot of science in selecting and discovering and coming up with these two varieties. Snap dragon itself has that sweet taste that you are used to from a honeycrisp apple. Added in is a hint of vanilla and spice and of course a monster crunch so it’s quite the apple eating experience.

Pies are still the traditional favorite way to have your apples. There are other ways to enjoy apples especially with the snap dragon apples. You can slice them up and eat it with cheese. Some people will choose walnuts, granola, or almonds. Abbot says he has a sweet tooth and likes to dip them in honey or caramel. If that is too sweet for you try dipping it in dark chocolate.

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