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Creating an organized pantry

Posted at 6:08 PM, Jul 20, 2021

Jessica Moskal, owner says the best part about being organized is it is easy to stay organized. How do you get organized by JM? She says the first step is to give them a call and they can set you up with an estimate so they can do a walk through of your space, talk about your goals for the space and how they can make it better for you. From there they will send you an estimate that will include the number of hours it will take to get your project done but they also want to show you the product that they want to use in your pantry based on the aesthetic your home, things that may work for you. They do lay out everything for you so you can visualize the space before they get there.

Jessica says they work with every budget. They will send you an initial plan, an initial idea of what they are thinking, and it is part of the initial conversation you have as well. But if you want to go up from there with a nicer basket or food canister they can go up from there or down from there. It is just based on what you like and your space.

Why is worth the investment to get organized? Jessica says initially there is a little time spent getting organized and there is a little bit of money, the investment portion to get organized. She says in the long run, if you are organized, you literally save time and literally save money.

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