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Creating a positive home life

Posted at 6:12 PM, Jan 28, 2021

Mel talks with best-selling author and CEO of the Happiness Institute Meik Wiking. He’s says he’s not sure there is a secret to happiness but perhaps there has been an overlooked ingredient in the recipe for happiness. Before the pandemic, that around 50% of our overall happiness is connected to our homes.

Wiking says a new study that just came out from the Whirlpool corporation looking at how life has changed at the home over the past year. He said he was happy and inspired to see that 68% of Americans have taken up a new hobby, 12% of Americans have become better at sharing the workload at home, which is very good for happiness and 14% of people say they are spending more time in the kitchen cooking up recipes with happiness included. Looking at what brought us happiness in 2020 and making sure we schedule that in and plan that for 2021 is a way for happiness in 2021.

He says we learned in 2020 that happiness is actually homemade. He goes on to say that a lot of us think of happiness is something we find on exotic distant shores but he thinks a lot of us have actually found a lot of happiness at home in the last year because this part of the world we are able to control; we do have some influence over. Something simple that people over look that can change our lives is the cooking part because he feels a lot of sense of accomplishment, a lot of enjoyment and creativity going into the kitchen finding ways he can bring joy to his loved ones by putting some good food on the table is a daily source of happiness for him.

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