Consumer Trends for 2017

Ford Motor Company
Posted at 11:50 AM, Dec 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-20 11:50:32-05

Change is the only constant in today’s society, as the world seems to be in a perpetual state of flux.

At a time of unprecedented change, consumers rethink their priorities and assess what really matter while trying to seek out factual and true information.

In fact, more than 70 percent of adults worldwide claim they define prosperity differently from how their parents did, while 68 percent care less about material possessions than they had in the past. Furthermore, two-thirds of adults worldwide say it has never been harder to find objective, fact-based information. 

Ford’s Looking Further with Ford 2017 trend report is a blueprint for understanding how societal shifts are expected to influence consumers and brands for 2017 and beyond. Insights from this annual trend report explore how trust, relationships, technology and innovation can be leveraged to create products and services that are meaningful and of value to consumers – with the ultimate purpose of making people’s lives better. This special anniversary edition highlights three trends from the past that continue to resonate, while establishing seven up-and-coming micro-trends for the future.