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Colton RV Show at Batavia Downs

Posted at 6:02 PM, Jun 03, 2022

Emily Lampa and Mercedes Wilson are at Batavia Downs for the Colton RV Show which is happening this weekend. You can see all the bells and whistles and what you can get these days. KC Colton, director of operations at Colton RV joins them to tell us more.

Colton RV will be at Batavia Downs, right outside of the casino through Sunday and he says there will be tons of RV’s for folks to look at from the big motor homes to new and pre-owned travel trailers as well as Class C motor homes.

KC says something cool this weekend is that if folks buy a motor home they get a free weekend of camping at either Darien Lake or Hershey High Meadows in Pennsylvania.

KC takes us inside a diesel motor home. He says, “It has two slide outs and when you are parked you can open them up and it creates this beautiful living space. There is also a tv that pops up over the windows so you can sit back here and watch movies with the family.” Emily says the bathroom is comparable to one you may find in your home and the refrigerator in this RV is large.

What if you are trying to get the most bang for you buck? KC says we have a lot of different options here this weekend so we actually have over 25 RV’s that are priced at $250 a month, so there is a lot of pre-owned inventory that is a little more economical for folks who want to go out for that first time but then we also have a wide selection of new and pre-owned stuff so whether you are looking for top of the lines things like this where you have the tv, the heated floors, the residential refrigerators or if you are looking for a trailer you can tow behind your truck and you still get a lot of the comforts in those vehicles as well.”

Kevin Kirisits, vice president of sales at Colton RV talks about travel trailers. For those who may not know a travel trailer hooks up to the back of your truck and you tow it down the road. They are standing in front of the Confluence travel trailer and Kevin says the Confluence is the premiere RV of the show. He says, “Confluence means when two rivers come to meet but for us it where families come together, that’s what camping is all about.” Kevin says one of the key features of the Confluence is that it has a king size bed and that is very rare in a travel trailer.”

Henry Wojtaszek, president and CEO Batavia Downs Gaming and Hotel joins Emily and Mercedes. He says, “It’s a great show, it’s a fantastic product, it is going to be a beautiful weekend to come down, it’s perfect RV shopping weather. It gives you another reason to come out here and visit us at Batavia Downs. We’ve had a great partnership with Colton RV, they are a great business, they are great people. Kevin and his whole team will be here all weekend so come visit them tonight, Friday, Saturday or Sunday here at Batavia Downs and they will take great care of you so we look forward to seeing you.”

There is a great fundraiser coming up at Batavia Downs. On Friday, June 10th there is a fundraiser for the Ricky Palermo Foundation. Henry says, “Ricky Palermo was a gentleman who was involved in a very tragic car accident years ago, but I will tell you what, he has an unsinkable personality, and he is out there raising millions of dollars for spinal cord research. He is a great guy. We are going to have a great crowd out here next week, raising a lot of money for Ricky Palermo and his cause. The whole community of Batavia and the surrounding counties are going to come out and support him and are really looking forward to it. We encourage you to come out here as well, June 10th here at Batavia Downs. Bruce and the USA, one of the best Bruce Springsteen tribute bands across the country.”

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