Colon Cancer At-A-Glance

Colorectal Cancer Facts
Posted at 1:25 PM, Mar 02, 2017

Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in New York State; each year more than 10,000 New Yorkers develop colorectal cancer and 3,500 residents will die as a result.

• Colorectal cancer is also one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers
• Both men & women get colorectal cancer. Each year, about 150,000 Americans are diagnosed with colorectal cancer, and more than 50,000 die from it.
• Colorectal Cancer often starts with no symptoms
• Having a colonoscopy after age 50 can significantly lower the risk of dying from colorectal cancer; 90% of all colorectal cancers are found in people who are 50 and older
• Colorectal cancer is often highly treatable. If it’s found and treated early (while it’s small and before it has spread), the 5-year survival rate is about 90%.
Getting Screened
• Erie County Cancer Services Program through the ECDOH provides age-appropriate cancer screening, diagnostic, treatment, and support services for the uninsured/underinsured for colorectal, as well as cervical and breast cancer

Partnership with TOPS Markets®
• Throughout March, Cancer Services Program staff will be at select TOPS Markets® in Erie County from 2-6 pm offering  FIT Kits to eligible adults 50 to 75 years old
• The FIT Kit is a simple, convenient and cost effective screening option that does not require any diet or medication adjustments
• Collection of a very small sample; can be performed in just minutes.
• FIT Kit is covered in full by most health insurance plans; provided at no cost to Erie County residents without insurance
• The schedule for the TOPS Markets FIT Kit distribution is available on the ECDOH website.
Ways to help lower your chances of getting colorectal cancer:
• Get to and stay at a healthy weight throughout life; stay lean without being underweight.
• Be physically active; limit the time you spend sitting, lying down, watching TV, etc.
• Eat at least 2½ cups of vegetables and fruits each day.
• Choose whole grains over refined grain products.
• Limit the amount of red meat and processed meat you eat.
• If you drink alcohol, limit the amount to 1 drink per day for women, 2 per day for men.
• Don’t use tobacco in any form.
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