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Clarity Group can help you make the most of your Medicare plan

Posted at 6:17 PM, Nov 05, 2020

Open enrollment is a great opportunity to make changes to your Medicare Plan but the window closes on December 7th.

There is one local group you can help you navigate the best plan for you and that’s the Clarity Group. Sally Stier, president of the Clarity Group, says it’s important to know that plans can change every year. Even if you are happy with your current choices there might be something new that can suit you. There’s a lot of options out there and you really need to see what is out there, what our current plan is and what the other choices are. For some people this may be the only time they can make this change.

Lisa Giancarlo, vice president, Clarity Group says it’s exciting. There are so many options out there for everybody this year. She says when you’re looking for a plan not only should you be looking at your co-payments; primary co-payments, specialist co-payments, your hospitalization and all the things you may need through the calendar year because sometimes things change for you so you always want to be aware.

A lot of people are looking for the extras you see on a lot of the plans this year. They have everything from the plans with complimentary gym memberships to over-the-counter needs. Several plans offer that this year; some more than others so you definitely want to look at that. They have some fantastic dental programs and most off, says Lisa they have come into contact with plans that have a buy-back on your Medicare Part B, up to $70 back on your Medicare Part B premium back into your social security check.

Clarity Group is local. They know the doctors in the area and are familiar with the hospitals and know what people in the Western New York area are looking for. Sally Stier says there are a lot of commercials out there with 800 numbers telling people you can get all kinds of benefits; telling you that you can get money back, dental, vision, meals and all these wonderful things. What they don’t tell you is that not everyone is eligible for everything. Clarity Group knows who can get these things, who can’t, which plans have it and which don’t. When you come to Clarity Group they are going to know exactly what you want and they are not just some faceless 800 number. They will be there for you all year long. Once you have a meeting with someone form Clarity Group you can call that agent back over and over again throughout the year as oppose to calling an 800 number and not knowing who you will get.

Clarity Group can help you find the plan that’s going to make you happy for the year and give you the most for your dollar.


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