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Check on mom program

Posted at 6:32 PM, Oct 27, 2021

Beth Battaglino, RN-C, CEO Healthy Women says the best thing she can tell soon-to-be moms is to prepare. She says what all her soon-to-be moms do a great job in is creating their birth plans. They come to the hospital with a well written out birth plan but what they are not doing well with is doing that the fourth trimester plan. She says that important plan that is going to help support her when she transitions from hospital to home, that 12 weeks after the baby is born. Taking care of a baby or babies can be overwhelming and many of us feel the pressure to do it all. The check on mom program helps women prepare for that fourth trimester and making sure their mental health needs are met.

Ashley Randolf, founder, Glo Preemies and co-founder Alliance for Black NICU Families is a three-time preemie mom and says most life changing for her was bringing her son home almost eleven years ago. She says she was isolated and an emotional wreck and through that experience of not having her family close by she started her own advocacy and non-profit and realized most moms feel the same way, that we just have to do it all. Ashley says they are here to be a gentle reminder that you can create a team and rely on that team.

Ashley says she loves her check on mom bracelet for three things. It reminds her to check on herself, the women in her community and the women in her network. If you go on their website you can create your team and you all will receive the bracelet to remember to check on mom.

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