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Changes in your hearing

Posted at 5:08 PM, Feb 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-10 17:19:30-05

Chances are at one point or another during this pandemic you had trouble hearing someone talking through their mask. There are some experts who say that it could be more than just a piece of fabric getting in the way of your communication.

Dr. Lauren Aramin, doctor of audiology says these physical barriers that are being used pretty much everywhere, whether it is the drug store, grocery store, doctor’s offices, and all the plexiglass barriers are also creating a disturbance to that sound quality. That sound quality is going to get reduced making it harder for someone to be able to understand it.

There is also social distancing. Dr. Aramin says they say keep six feet plus away from everyone. She says very time sound travels just six feet the volume gets cut down and it’s going to then make it also more difficult to understand and then you throw in some background noise. There is noise all around us and hearing over time, not just now, the biggest complaint always is hearing with background noise. You throw background noise in there; you throw masks in there; you throw the plexiglass in there and it just makes it so difficult to actually comprehend the message and people are asking for more repetitions, or are like ‘I can’t understand anybody.’ They just smile and nod and they are so frustrated because they want to communicate with people but it just so difficult to do that.

Dr. Aramin says their motto for everyone but it absolute comes into play right now is that everyone should have a base-line hearing test. Everybody should just get tested so you see where you stand then you always have something to compare it to. If you find yourself really frustrated communicating out in the community or talking to your loved ones or if you notice a loved one having a really hard time they definitely recommend a hearing test and if you have a hearing loss, treat it.

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