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Center for Plastic Surgery

Posted at 4:05 PM, Feb 11, 2021

Qlift is basically a facelift. Dr. David P. Rigan from the Center for Plastic Surgery says about fifteen years ago facelifting became less invasive and about that period of time everyone thought of a name for their facelift. He says the Qlift is basically a facelift that is not quite as invasive as the old way of doing it with a name.

Dr. Zvi Sharf says the Qlift is something they have been doing. He says they have been in practice many years. The Qlilft and facelift is something he always felt as a challenge. They have done a lot of facelifts. He says when you do a lot facelifts, he says experience is priceless. You always come across things you think you can modify. Patients looking into something that is going to improve their appearance, something that betters them, but most patients are looking into not spending as much time recovering from it. Dr. Sharf says he remember 15 years ago they put people to sleep, they had to stay in the hospital overnight and recovery was three to four weeks. As they went, they kind of modified it; how can we improve it to the point where patients don’t have to be under general anesthesia and patients can recover in a few days. He says he and Dr. Rigan actually pioneered this procedure and he says he is very careful when he says pioneering because a lot of surgeons modify procedures when they do, and they actually kept modifying the face lift and in turn called it the Qlift.

This procedure has very little down time. They can do it under an IV sedation. Dr. Sharf says they do a have surgery center and rarely do they put anybody to sleep.

Dr. Rigan describes the surgery and the difference between the new and old way. The new way is not that new anymore. They use absorbable sutures. They don’t use drains and the procedure takes about an hour on each side. Most of them are done there in the office under a local. He says you can still do it under a general but then you require an operating room so that makes it more expensive.


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