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Celebrating Paczki Day

Posted at 5:46 PM, Feb 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-16 17:46:06-05

Mel is at Paula’s Donuts to learn about Paczki. Andrea Kallivrousis, marketing director says a Paczki is similar to the shell they use for all their regular jelly donuts but it’s more. It’s more butter, more egg; and it is a different shell and it just has more of all the great stuff you want to have before you have to give it up for lent. She says it just started as getting your last delicious item in before the lent season started, and you have to give everything up. Kallivrousis says typically they do it for one day right before lent starts but this year we are doing it for two days. The Paczki at Paula’s are filled with one of three flavors, black raspberry, Bavarian cream or lemon. She says the most popular is the glazed black raspberry. Each of the three flavors come in glazed or powder. Are you team powder or team glazed?

Paula’s Donuts has three locations and you can also order ahead. The Paczki donuts will be available today (2//16) and tomorrow (2/17) only.

Click here to go to Paula’s Donut’s website.