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Catholic Charities 2020 Appeal

Posted at 11:42 AM, Jun 26, 2020

Catholic Charities does amazing work supporting those in need across Western New York. They have been working hard fundraising to help support the work they do throughout the pandemic.

The Catholic Charities appeal is in its final days. Mel Camp spoke with Deacon Steve Schumer, president and CEO of Catholic Charities. They are short of their goal and the appeal ends on June 30th. They have raised 8 million dollars of their 10 million dollar goal. They’re working hard to get there. Deacon Schumer says in spite of all the challenges they have faced in such an unprecedented year, the fact they got 8 million dollars is really wonderful and they are grateful.

The pandemic has affected their fundraising because a lot of their donations come from people in the parishes and normally people make their donation when they go to church and churches have been closed for much of the last three months. Deacon Schumer say thankfully lot of people have mailed in their donations, donated online or phoned in their donation. He said nearly 30,000 people have made donations, but donations are down by roughly 20% in terms so dollars and people making donations.

Catholic Charities has been helping people during the pandemic. Deacon Schumer says what stands out are the food pantries. The number of people and the volume of food going through their pantries is up. They have nine pantries in Western New York in eight counties. Catholic Charities has also been doing a tremendous amount of mental health counseling. A lot of people are lonely, distressed and anxious and that is their really their reason…to be there to help. They need to raise funds to support the work, but they are not primarily fundraisers, they are primarily helpers. In these last three months they have assisted over 30,000 people.

You can make a donation or a pledge. Every little bit helps.

For more information or to make a donation click here.