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Capital One Survey -Supporting small businesses

Posted at 5:52 PM, Jan 13, 2022

Jenn Flynn, Head of Small Business Bank at Capital One says the intent of our Capital One business survey is to post small business owner’s sentiment. She says we recognize that it has been a really challenging couple of years for small business owners and we care about how they are feeling, so we can figure out how to best to support them. She says we learned that small business owners are actually feeling two things at the same time, exhausted and optimistic. They are exhausted from the pandemic. She says about half of business owners are really burned out from the pandemic, haven’t taken little time off since it started, and they are really feeling the effects of the labor shortage, having to personally cover the work.

On the flip side, which is really encouraging, Jenn says, small business owners are a really big resilient group, and they are feeling optimistic. She says many of them are taking the time to set intentions for the year and are not only planning to grow their business but also focus on their wellbeing and work life balance for the upcoming year.

Jenn says one thing we all learned throughout the pandemic is that it takes a village and there are external resources. She says we at Capital One have a great website at with a business hub that provides insight to our recent customers and tips for small business owners. Jenn goes on to say Capital One has a bunch of branches and bankers that are here willing to support, answer questions as they arrive, but the message there is that the small business owner shouldn’t feel alone. There are resources out there to help and we are all in this together.

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