Candy for Military Families

Holly's Holiday Hope
Posted at 11:56 AM, Oct 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-27 11:56:06-04

I would like to tell you about myself a local solider who is trying to  help military families during the Holidays. 

I helped a Veterans  last year who had 8 yr old  triplets and did he barely made  enough to put food on the  table so anything extra for Xmas  was not happening.

This bothered me and with the help of my  mom we put on FB that  we wanted to help Jim who fought for  his country and could  and it just snowballed! I was able to  fulfill his  family's wish list and then some. Military  budgets,  which are often already stretched to their limits,  do not  contain a lot of money for buying Christmas presents.

 However, military families are also some of  the most  deserving people during the holiday season.

Also a mom is  collecting left over Halloween candy for us to  send to the  VA hospital, local homeless VA groups, Veteran 

CALL 949-0530 TO DONATE.