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Buffalo residents on Pooch Perfect

Posted at 5:34 PM, Mar 30, 2021

Tonight, on 7ABC a new show premieres called Pooch Perfect and it stars Rebel Wilson. The show is a competition featuring the best creative dog groomers in the country. There are two local residents representing on the show, Macie Pisa and Corina Stammworthy. When they aren’t competing, you will find them running their Kenmore-based grooming business on Delaware, The Laundromutt.

Mel says the show is pretty crazy and there has been some pretty creative stuff that has been going on. Pisa says they say they weren’t prepared for how creative they going to have to be on this show. Macie Pisa says there are different factions of dog grooming. One faction is very traditional, very technical. This was not that. She goes on to say they didn’t really prepare them, nor how much dying and creative grooming they were going to have to do. They said it was fun to just let loose and learn new things on the show even though it was a little scary to learn on they fly, on a national show, but they did it. Stammworthy said it was really fun.

Macie has done a little bit of creative says Stammworthy. Macie Pisa did a gender reveal where she dyed an entire poodle pink and they brought her out for the reveal. Also, when the Bills were in the play-offs there was a Zubaz dog and Macie did that.

Corina Stammworthy says they can’t wait to share what they have done with all of Western New York and they are really proud to share this with the community and to have the experience together.

Pooch Perfect premieres tonight at 8pm right here on Channel 7.