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Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper

Posted at 4:33 PM, Jun 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-02 15:36:36-04

Jill Jedlicka, executive director Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper says they try to encourage stewardship activity from the community all year long whenever possible. There is cleaning up toxic mess and there is also cleaning up litter and trash that is always found along our waterways. Jill says by doing these different clean-ups and giving people an opportunity to volunteer it helps the average person have the opportunity to give back and contribute to maintaining the health and beauty of our waterways.

The Buffalo River Sweep is from June 26th – July 4th. It is nine days of clean-up and there is something for everybody. You can have the opportunity to not only walk along the shoreline and help them restore the red herring area on the shoreline, they also have opportunities for people to go out in kayaks and canoes to clean up floating debris. They also have sites in neighborhoods and communities where that trash ultimately ends up in the waterways as well.

Jill says in order for us to sustain and protect these waterways for the next generation we need more than just individual nonprofit groups or small groups around the region, we need our entire community, the million strong plus people that call Western New York home to protect our great lakes and waterways and doing volunteer work like this may not feel like much but it can have an impact.

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