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Buffalo Music Hall of Fame ceremony

Posted at 6:30 PM, Apr 15, 2021

Western New York has talent and we are celebrating that Saturday at 7pm on Channel 7 with the 38th annual induction ceremony class of 2020. Buffalo Music Hall of Fame president Anthony Casuccio says their mission is to honor those musicians who made a big impact in the Western New York music scene and beyond.

Besides honoring some of our talented local musicians present and past the organization provides opportunities for our future artists. Casuccio says they have programs for up and coming songwriters. They also partner up with other nonprofits in the area to further music and other arts organizations. He says they are here to honor these people and further music in the community.

Western New York has a phenomenal amount of musical talent. Casuccio says Buffalo is a town that supports music and supports art and compared to other cities we have been very fortunate to have an environment in the community that fosters this wonderful talent and whether it be Buffalo or around the world, they can hold their own with everyone else.

Casuccio says because of the COVID situation they have decided to make lemonade out of lemons. They have gone back and looked at all these amazing people who have been overlooked because they passed on. They want to give people their due who deserve to be in the Hall of Fame and for some reason or another they weren’t and honor them and that’s what this class is going to be about. Casuccio goes on to say, they are excited to share these people with the world and tell everybody what they have done.

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