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Buffalo Museum of Science Golden Mummies of Egypt exhibit

Posted at 6:01 PM, Nov 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-10 18:01:39-05

Mel Camp visited the Buffalo Museum of Science to check out the Golden Mummies of Egypt exhibit. Kathy Leacook, director of collections at the museum shows us some of the mummies you will see if you go to the Buffalo Museum of Science.

Kathy Leacook says this is the world premiere of a collection of Greco-Roman mummies from the University of Manchester. We often think of mummies as Egyptian mummies. Kathy tells us they still are Egyptian mummies, but they were at a time when Egypt was no longer ruled by Egyptians. It was a multicultural society. She said you had Romans and Greeks and they didn’t have a cool way of dealing with the afterlife so they borrowed these techniques from the Egyptians and you have this remarkable collection of mummies that have both Egyptian symbolism but then Greek and Roman writing and portraiture. It was the very wealthy people who were mummified or the family of the very wealthy.

You can see the exhibit now through January 3rd at the Buffalo Museum of Science. On Thursday’s you can book private tours with up to six people otherwise book your tickets online. If you are not feeling well don’t come. You can transfer your tickets to another time or get a refund and remember to wear your mask.


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