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Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping tips

Posted at 4:56 PM, Nov 17, 2021

Lindsay Roberts, founder of says her best tip is to shop early, you have heard about the shipping issues. The deals are starting and they out there right now so now is the time to shop.

Lindsay has one unique and personalized idea for any people on your list. She says it is Smash Ups by American Greeting. They are highly personalized smile inducing sharable videos featuring celebrities, fun characters, selfies that can be personalized for any occasion with hundreds of names. Lindsay says to make sure to use the code Cyber Monday 21 for 50% off a two-year contract, so terms and conditions do apply on this, but this a great way to save on something you can use all year long.

For the techie on your list check out the ecobee smart thermostat with voice control. It is a perfect smart home gift. It offers seamless control of the homes temperature while conserving energy helping you live comfortably. There is also $50 off on this through December 1st.

Another great way to save money is from Mintmobile. They offer premium wireless service starting at just $15 a month. If you buy three months, you get three months free so that is an additional saving. What she loves about it is that it is a premium wireless service on the nation’s largest, most reliable 5G network with a monthly data plan that is right for you.

There is also an incredible deals from Gateway exclusively at Walmart and She says you have to check these out; $149 for a laptop. Lindsay say it is an incredible deal. They are outfitted with 11 gen intel core processors for faster start-up, powerful connection. Lindsay says they have Windows 10 that you can upgrade to Windows 11 and they also have incredible deals on tablets starting at $65. They have multiple colors, multiple prices and it’s a great way to save on some of those bigger ticket items.

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