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Bishop Matthew Brown comes back to Buffalo to celebrate two events.

Posted at 4:00 PM, Apr 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-25 16:00:07-04

This week Buffalo is preparing to celebrate a faith leader recently elevated to Bishop and assigned to an international mission team for this summer. Bishop Matthew Brown is coming back home from Georgia for two big events this weekend. He also recently wrote a book, Becoming Distinctively You and there will be book signings.

Emily spoke with him about this weekend’s events and how he feels about being able to celebrate his achievements in his hometown.

Bishop Brown says we are coming home for an ecumenical celebration on Friday, April 29th at the Elim Christian Fellowship on Chalmer’s Street in Buffalo and on Saturday, April 30th for the Bishop’s brunch at Acqua on Niagara Street in Buffalo,

Currently he is in Marietta Georgia, pastoring the Greater Community Church of God in Christ for ten years, he works on a national level in their national general church. He says he is excited the things they are doing internationally in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Bishop Brown says, I was just consecrated in June of 2021; I’ve been delighted to be blessed by our denominational church, the Church of God and Christ to be elevated to the office of Bishop with an international assignment to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He goes on to say, we were able to field a missions team both in November and in March and then I go there in August as we are supplying humanitarian aid and we are looking to do medical mobile missions and we are just really excited about the opportunity to touch the world and we really believe that we are the possibility of global transformation and what better way to celebrate then to come home and be with family and friends in this moment.

Bishop Brown’s first published book Becoming Instinctively You is out. He says, he is super excited that we are sharing this book, we will be in pop-up book signings throughout that weekend, and we will definitely be signing the book on Friday at 6pm at the Elim Church and then at 10:30am at Aqua. You can book this book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

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