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AM Buffalo talks with Dion Dawkins

Posted at 5:41 PM, May 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-20 17:41:45-04

Dion Dawkins from Buffalo Bills joined us on AM Buffalo today. The Buffalo Bills are showing their support in the heart of the Buffalo community and continue to show they are Buffalo Strong. Dion says “with the organization that I am a part of, the Buffalo Bills, is a huge staple in this community and this location so anything that the guys can ever do, even myself, I try to do it because every little bit helps and I am a true believer in smiling and laughing helps, so if I can bring a smile, if I can do anything to just make somebody’s day just a little bit better, I’m all for that.”

Emily tells Dion that we are really inspired by what the Buffalo Bills have been doing to come together with the community because they are a symbol of this community, the City of Good Neighbors and you have really shown up.

When asked what does it mean to the team to be able to be here for the local community, Dion says, “it means everything because the community is always there for us, through all of the down seasons, through the up seasons, through the down seasons they have been there, and we are going to be there just like they’ve been there for us. He goes on to say they’ve shown us the relationship they want to have and truly, we are going to keep replicating the love back and forth and we are going to keep stepping forward and try to make everything better, just one step, one day at a time.

Mel says, like you’ve said the Bills have had ups and downs and rumor is it’s all heading to a really good season, it’s great to be up and smiling and happy when it is going well but as an athlete I feel you have a pretty strong mind, what do you do when you are going through a tough time, what do you do to get through it? Dion says, “well there are ton of different techniques but you really have to control your emotions because when times like this, and when times happen, your emotions want to take you in all different directions immediately, like you go through anger, you go through disappointment, you go through some type of happiness, then you go back to anger and it just takes you all over. You just have to control your brain, truly you have to control you brain and try to control what you can. You can’t make everybody’s situation better with one thing, like it’s going to take step-by-step-by-step, choose battles, win the small battles and eventually you will win the big battle.

Dion says, “the community has come together extremely together, like they are close, close. He says it is very inspiring, there are so many different organizations teaming up together with each other that probably weren’t teaming up before and they are doing it hand in hand to make this thing a better turnaround.”

Dion Dawkins is spearheading a cornhole tournament this Sunday. He says they have changed gears a little bit because of what’s happened here. Dion says “originally I had a cornhole event and the proceeds were going to go to my foundation, Dion’s Dreamers and we were going to do what we do with Dion’s Dreamers and help the youth and help people in need but now all of the proceeds are going to the families and the Buffalo fourteen funds and all these different organizations that are going to help the families that were immediately impacted. He says everything that is going to be going on there, everything that people are going to be doing, the drinks, the food, the merchandise, the teams, everything is going straight to them to help in the situation and hopefully change a little bit. “