AM Buffalo on the Road on Grand Island

Posted at 12:55 PM, Oct 11, 2018

Linda Pellegrino and Courtney Corbetta are on beautiful Grand Island today. 

It is Fire Safety Awareness Month and Grand Island is celebrating with events including an Open House.

It’s Halloween Horror time at Fantasy Island.  It’s treats by day for the family friendly portion of Halloween Horror on Saturdays and Sunday from noon to 5pm.    Then it’s terror by night for the scary portion of Halloween Horror on Fridays, Saturday’s and Sundays from 5pm to Park Close.    The scary portion of Halloween Horror is recommended for guests ages 12 and up and parental discretion is advised.

A stop at Kelly’s Country Store is a must.  Visit the store for great and unique gifts and delicious chocolates and old fashion candy.

Say Cheese Pizza is one of the most unique restaurants in Western New York and it is right here in Grand Island.    In addition to their award-winning pizza and delicious food, they have a comic book store in the middle of the restaurant.  There is a huge collection of life-sized Superhero statues and collectibles displayed throughout the restaurant and bar all of which are for sale.