Alexandria Professional

Alexandria Professional
Posted at 1:26 PM, Sep 27, 2017

Linda is joined by Lina Kennedy.  She is the CEO of Alexandria Professional.

Alexandria Professional is dedicated to providing healthy, natural solutions to the beauty and wellness industries. 

Having developed and pioneered our innovative sugaring process for the removal of unwanted hair and our Full circle of Skin conditioning program, we are committed to passing on Alexandria Professional’s wealth of knowledge through top notch education around the world. 

We strive to work with our clients to resolve any skin concerns and improve the overall condition of their skin. 

As a company, we take a stand to end violence against women, and make a commitment to give back to the community.

Tonight, (September 27th) they are having a “Sweet” Soiree Open House from 6 – 8pm at “The Studio” located at 5500 Main Street in Williamsville. 

There will be a body sugaring demonstration, product samples, sweet treats and champagne.