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Aesthetic Associates Centre donates masks to book bag drive

Posted at 5:36 PM, Sep 01, 2020

When Angelic Holt, owner of Scholar Toddler Day Care put the word out that she need help filling 300 backpacks, our AM Buffalo family answered the call proving once again just how generous we are in Western New York. Angelic says so many people responded, so many people donated. Donations of notes pads, pencils and backpacks flooded in and Dr. Todd Shatkin offered 300 masks to add to the bags. Dr. Todd Shatkin says we all have to help each other. This is a time of need and everyone has to step up and help each other as best they can, any way they can.

Angelic says kids need our help more than ever. These times are extremely trying. As adults and leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners, we really need to start helping. She says she believes this is our duty to help our children at this point in these times.

Dr. Todd Shatkin says the world is going through a rough time both nationally and international and here in Western New York. There are a lot of businesses closing; there are fears about kids going back to school and college.

School is returning and it’s coming up fast and Angelic says she wants to be fully equipped to help our community, these children and parents. It’s as simple as a child having a book. She says a lot of us don’t think about that topic enough. We may have these conversations and a lot of people will say, “A kid doesn’t have a book?” Yes, it’s possible and a lot of parents need a lot or resources where they can go and not be judged. She goes on to say she thinks the reason why our kids lack resources and help is because a lot of parents are scared, just scared. Our community is scared to talk about it. She says even wither her gathering all these book bags, it’s tough to reach out and ask for one. So just imagine how tough it is to ask for a bookbag, asking for a meal or to be fed or any type of help or assistance or resources.

Dr. Shatkin says he thinks it’s great for young children to see individuals and companies helping them because, hopefully down the road, they will remember that and pay it forward to the next generation of children that need help.

However school looks this year there are opportunities to help a neighbor. Tomorrow you will have a chance to give a child a book. A five dollar donation buys a book but you can donate any amount so check out AM Buffalo and Channel 7 tomorrow to find out more about how you can help a child get a book.