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ACME Cabinet Company updates a North Buffalo apartment

Posted at 5:27 PM, Dec 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-16 17:27:14-05

Molly Bardwell, design consultant says this is a very typical city of Buffalo kitchen and aside from the bigger projects that we show this something is a little more typical.

Keith Szczygiel, co-owner and chief designer says we are in the upper unit of a North Buffalo double so this is a better example of what we do most every day. He says it is a more modest kitchen, but it doesn’t have to be a small space without all the elements of a large kitchen. In this case, he says, we didn’t change the footprint of anything, we didn’t knock down walls, the plumbing and gas lines are where they were before. He says we were able to work within all those constraints and provide ample storage and useful space without spending a million dollars on it and because it is a smaller space with not a lot of square footage you can splurge on nice backsplash tile or countertops or fancier hardware, so it does have a lot of that versatility.

Molly says a better way to use space is to stack two shallow cabinets on top of each other to create a shallow pantry. She says that worked out really well in this space because there is a chimney in the way so that was a great use of space to combat that. In a space like this, she says, you run out of space to put something like a trash can, so to have that trash can pull out is a great way to hide it and keep it in your kitchen and a lazy Susan is also a great use of space so you can get the full use of that corner.

Keith says we have done this a lot and there are a lot of these houses in the city, all over the West Side, South Buffalo, North Buffalo, and they are all virtually kind of the same, so we’ve got a lot of great solutions to solve the problem.

Molly says in smaller spaces like this you do have the luxury of maybe spending a little bit more money to get a better-quality product. She says these cabinets are all standard soft close and made of solid hardwood and the counter tops are quartz so in this space it’s not that much money to spend for a better product.

Keith says in this scenario the homeowner had both kitchens to renovate, upper and a lower and he brought a design to us that he got from a big box store. We took the design and improved on it and we sold them both kitchens for less than he got quoted for just one of them at the big box store saving him money and giving him a great design. He goes on to say even though a lot of these kitchen are very common around the city, they are all a little different ,so we do focus on all the design elements to make sure yours is customized to your specific space.

Molly says what I like about our company is that we can take any space big or small and transform it to your needs while still looking great.

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