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A conversation with the author of The Secret is You

Posted at 5:26 PM, Apr 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-23 17:26:16-04

A CONVERSATION WITH THE AUTHOR OF THE SECRET IS YOU — Chris Cicchinelli, Pure Romance CEO and author says after working in this business for the last 21 years working with over 250,000 small business owners to sell wellness, beauty, intimacy, online and in person, he thought that this was the perfect time for the book. He says people are coming out of the pandemic looking for a side hustle and he wanted to share over 21 years of experience, of people asking how did you take a company from a million dollar business to over $350 million dollars? How is there a plan for success? What do I need to do? He says this book is really kind of one of those books like not just a theory-based or research-based but also experience-based. Chris Cicchinelli says the timing couldn’t have been more perfect for someone coming out of this pandemic looking for that side hustle.

Success isn’t just for the few. Cicchinelli says he thinks so many people think that there are only a couple of people that are allowed to be successful. Success is abundant. He goes on to say he thinks a lot of people don’t understand that they can be successful if they choose it. Cicchinelli says you design your kitchen, you design your bathroom, you design your bedrooms, but most people don’t design the life they want. He said he graduated 167 out of 169 in high school. People told him he wasn’t going to be successful in business and he needed to take a different trade and if he listened to them, he wouldn’t be where he is today; he wouldn’t have the life of being successful. He says working with 250,000 women what he finds is they are always trying to take care of someone else, their kids, their significant other, their parents and they don’t feel they can design their future but yes you can. If you want to create your future one tip from Chis Cicchinelli is, detach from the outcome and commit to your processes. If you want to get the promotion, lose weight, whatever it might be, it starts with the process; it starts with that first step. That’s how it is. He also says to look at the people you are hanging out with. Hang out with some really good people who are going to uplift you, be there for you and help you be accountable.

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