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A conversation with Sophie B. Hawkins who is appearing at the Riviera Theatre this weekend

Posted at 3:50 PM, Jul 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-28 15:50:39-04

Singer/songwriter Sophie B. Hawkins is appearing at the Riviera Theatre on Saturday. She says, “I have not only been to Buffalo as a touring artist; I have been to Buffalo as a visitor because I have lots of friends in Buffalo, my aunt lives in Buffalo, and I’ve taken the train many times from New York City to Buffalo. She goes on to say, it’s an incredible creative place with an incredible history, so many novels have been written from Buffalo about Buffalo, so much art, so much history, it’s amazing.”

Emily shares something that we may not know. When Sophie started out, she was a drummer. Sophie says, “When I was 14, I finally got to be taking African drum lessons and I had wanted to take drum lessons since I was really young, I think 6 years old is my first memory of drum lessons. I wanted to be the best drummer ever, that was my goal and then I went to the Manhattan School of Music for percussion and when I saw Omar Hakim, he was playing the Weather Report and I decided I could never be a drummer because he was my ideal for drumming and then I would then switch to being the expressive artist I actually truly long to be…a songwriter so that’s why I am an instrumentalist first.”

Sophie B. Hawkins will be performing with Paula Cole at the Riviera Theatre. She says to the people of Buffalo she guarantees you will have a good time.

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