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A conversation with Ross Cellino

Posted at 5:33 PM, Oct 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-27 17:37:51-04

Ross Cellino says his heart goes out to the Barnes family and the losses they incurred. He says it’s been a tough couple of weeks for everybody here.

Ross says he and Richie Barnes agreed that they would pause the opening of their new firm and they did that for two weeks. It’s a new chapter in our life and also for Richie Barnes and the Barnes firm. We want them to succeed as well as we are going to succeed.

What’s going to happen to the jingle? Ross says they have retired both the number and the jingle. He says it would be unfair for one of us to take the jingle or the phone number. They both have established new jingles and phone numbers.

Ross Cellino says for twenty-five years he and Steve had a great working relationship. He goes on to say was a friend of his in addition to being his business partner and to have it end it this way.

He said they agreed several months ago to go to two separate firms and that was agreed to between the two of them. He goes on to say in the courtroom they battled each other like lawyers do but at the end of the day Steve was excited and he was excited about moving forward in a positive way. Ross Cellino says not too many law firms in the nation can claim what he and Steve could claim, and that is that not only did they become well known through their advertising campaign but also not too many law firms can claim they got two billion dollars in recoveries for clients.

Cellino Law has 35 lawyers working for the firm. Ross Cellino says they have offices in Buffalo, Rochester, two in Long Island and one in Manhattan.

Mel asked what do you say to Western New Yorkers moving forward? Ross Cellino says that Steve’s legacy will live on. Richie Barnes is going to do that. The Barnes name is not going to disappear. He goes on to say Steve was a very good partner to him and they developed a pretty good law firm together and he is proud of that.


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