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A conversation with Rich Barnes from The Barnes Firm

Posted at 4:39 PM, Nov 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-11 16:39:50-05

Today is Veteran’s Day and Rich Barnes, president of The Barnes Firm tells us that Steve Barnes was a decorated United States Marine Corp officer. He commanded a tank battalion during the Gulf War. Steve also graduated with honors from law school and had a job at a very prestigious law firm. He gave that up because he wanted to serve his country and when he came back to the practice of law he brought that Marine ‘can do’ culture with him to this firm. His legacy is what put us where we are today, able to launch this great firm and in his honor, we intend to go forward and make it as successful as Steve had been in the past. We honor him and all veterans on this very important somber day.

The Barnes Firm has a new jingle and when asked how they picked a new jingle he said there were a quite a few jingles and it was a collaborated effort. He goes on to say the jingle is a small part of letting the public know they are here and they are here to serve you as they have done in the past. They strive to do the best they can on every case. Collectively their attorney’s have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars over the years on behalf of their clients. He tells Mel they are one of the largest personal injury firms in the entire country. They have a powerhouse firm and they are proud to have launched it in the past few weeks.


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