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A conversation with actor Nathan Fillion from The Rookie

Posted at 4:09 PM, May 14, 2021

The season finale of The Rookie is this Sunday night and Emily talks with actor Nathan Fillion. He says, on the show, they are getting to the point where all the rookies have progressed to what they are going to be doing next, but his character John Nolan is looking toward becoming a teaching training officer himself.

What he likes about his character is that when he was growing up, he was always told the superhero was super cool and prepared for anything and could never be stopped. Nathan says there is no challenge for that hero; he can handle anything. His character John Nolan has courage. Courage to drop everything he knows, drop everything that is comfortable and safe and start brand new with something that is actually terrifying. It’s a reality. It is something that is happening to people now, this, I have to start over. Nathan says this thing about getting a job when you are twenty and retiring when you are 65 is a quality of yesteryear. It’s not really happening anymore. He says this is the new reality. He also enjoys that John Nolan is ill-prepared; he has a lot to learn. His character is not entirely capable yet, but he is becoming so. He says we are actually seeing these rookies become great cops.

You can watch The Rookie right here on Channel 7 on Sunday night at 10pm.