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72 Hours in DC’s Wine Country

Posted at 5:09 PM, May 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-26 17:09:54-04

Kindra Dionn, founder Fifty Leven, says Loudoun County is one of the most incredible places to visit. From Buffalo you can get here by train, you can get here by plane or automobile, pick your pleasure but when you pull up in Loudoun County you are going to have a blast, we have been at this for forty years now earning the reputation of DC’s wine country. She says “we have 45 vineyards, wineries, tasting rooms, so many things to experience here as well as our breweries, our distilleries, our meateries, it’s so much to see. Loudoun is truly a one-of-a-kind destination.”

Kindra Dionn is the founder of Fifty Leven, which is the first black-owned wine label in Loudoun. Kindra says, “I started in this venture a little while ago through the mentorship and guidance of one of my great friends Doug Fabavoli, Doug and I collaborated on so many different things, helping the agricultural businesses in Loudoun County to grow and thrive and do more to build up the hospitality industry, help train and teach people and it was through that, that I first discovered my love for the industry to begin with, but I nerded out at a lot of different industry events and I was paying attention to what people were drinking and whether they were finishing their drinks and things, and Doug and I would have conversations about how do we create things that not only pleasing to the palate, but something that even the wine novice could pick up and enjoy at first sip and that was the heart and soul of the Fifty Leven wine collection.”

When asked what her best tips are for setting up a trip to visit Loudoun, Kindra says, “Be open, definitely check out, to plan your entire itinerary. On that website you’ll see all the phenomenal things to see and do as well as an amazing calendar of curated events where you could plan your entire itinerary just by looking at that one website VisitLoudoun.orgto plan your visit, and come by mid to late summer is a great time to visit so definitely put us on your list of must do things for summer."

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