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5th Annual "In the heat, check the seat" campaign

Posted at 5:33 PM, Jul 01, 2020

Some of the hottest weather this year is expected this week. Do you want to know what it’s really like to be in a hot car on a day like today? Megan Lederhouse from the law offices of William Mattar shows us why their summer campaign just might be a life saver.

The Law office of William Mattar want to raise awareness for children and pets that are left in warm or hot vehicles. A vehicle can be come as hot as an oven in minutes. We’ve seen a lot of tragic stories in the news of infants falling asleep and accidently being left in the back of vehicles, and a lot of research has shown that this tends to happen when there is a change in schedules or a change in routine and right now everybody is out of their routine for the most part. So, the offices of William Mattar feel this is an extremely important campaign to raise awareness to keep our children and our pets safe this summer.

William Mattar has created decals to help remind people to check the backseat before they leave the vehicle. Its been found that by leaving something you need in the backseat like, a phone or purse it can help and they want to take it one step further, so they created decals to give out to the public. If you would like a decal go to their website and head to their community section and you will see the “in the heat, check your seat” page. Fill out your request form and they will send the decal to you.

Another reminder for our pets this summer. The pavement is very hot. We forget this sometimes. If you can’t place your hand on the pavement for at least five seconds, then you’re your pet won’t be comfortable doing so as well. Please to not leave pets n the car when running into the store even if the window is cracked. Leaving the window cracked doesn’t give enough airflow for the dog to be left in the vehicle.


To get to the William Mattar website click here.