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2021 Cellino Plumbing Truck Wrap Contest

Posted at 5:44 PM, Feb 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-01 10:57:51-05

This something Cellino Plumbing does every year. Tony Cellino, Founder and Director of Quality says the winner will have one of the Cellino Plumbing trucks wrapped for a year and for that year the organization will receive 5% of the revenue from that truck. Even after the year is over the wrap stays on that truck for many years to come until it goes to the truck graveyard.

Visit Cellino Plumbing’s website and you will see the vote for the non-profit, and you can vote for one of the nominated non-profit organizations. When it comes down to the final four non-profits the employees vote for which one of the four should win.

The Autism Nature Trail was a winner of the truck wrap contest. What is the Autism Nature Trail? Loren Penman, from the Autism Nature Trail says there is nothing exactly like it in the country. It is designed by specialists for persons with autism and related disorders. She says it’s going to be appropriate and wonderful for all abilities and all ages and especially populations that may have not felt comfortable going to a State Park; people with mobility issues, sensory issues, very young children and those who are old and maybe forgetful and don’t feel comfortable in the woods because they may get lost. Penman says you can’t get lost on the Autism Nature Trail. It is a one-mile loop and it has a special surface that is ADA compliant and along the way stations that really highlight the strengths of people with sensory issues. But because it is carefully designed; because it is wheelchair accessible; because it special surface you follow it like the yellow brick road. You start at one place and end at that same place and you can’t get off the path.


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