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West Seneca homeowner's frustration is through the roof with contractor

West Seneca Roof
Posted at 7:02 AM, Mar 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-08 07:41:41-05

WEST SENECA, N.Y. (WKBW) — Katie Crowley signed a contract on June 28 with a local contractor to install a metal roof on her home, more than eight months later it's still not done.

"Their first day working was November 30," said Crowley. "When they did come, it would be once or twice a week for a few hours."

Crowley spent thousands of dollars so far at this point, and said the owner of the company cashed the check immediately. She said he told her it was to purchase supplies.

The roof has a gutter tilted the opposite way of the storm drain, and multiple issues. Furring strips were not put under the metal roof, because the owner told Crowley she didn't need them.

"To be honest I'm not sure if this is installed correctly," said Crowley.

The expected finished date kept getting pushed back. Crowley said sometimes workers would show up on the day the roof was supposed to be done, and admit they don't have supplies to finish.

"This has been one of the most frustrating situations of my life," said Crowley.

Week after week Crowley would text the owner of the company when the roof would be done, he responded back that he's trying to get it done. Week after week, the finished date would change.

Crowley said he stopped responding to her texts. For two months Schwartz was the liaison, relaying messages between the two for the roof to get done. The owner of the company at one point told Schwartz, "I can't take it anymore."

"For him to stop responding to me all together, and make it seem like I'm crazy for wanting a job done that I already paid for...It's difficult to get over," expressed Crowley.

Crowley, who is now looking to hire another person to clean up the mess, urges you to do your research before.

Melanie McGovern, of Better Business Bureau of Upstate NY said the BBB just named home improvement as the fourth most riskiest scam of 2021. McGovern offered these tips to find the right person:

  1. THREE ESTIMATES - Have at least three estimates on any job you're looking to do. This allows you more options, and the ability to compare
  2. DON'T SIGN RIGHT AWAY - Shop around before you sign the contract, so you can do your research. Crowley said she felt pressured to sign, because $1,000 was taken off the bill when she signed right away. Turns out she paid a price for quality
  3. HAVE IT IN WRITING - To avoid conflicts down the road, make sure all the work you want done is in writing. A verbal promise is as good as nothing at all. Make sure you understand all the terms in the contract
  4. RESEARCH - One of, if not the most important tip. See what people are saying about the company, both good and bad. Also know what the project should cost by asking neighbors what they paid for a similar job. Also know what materials are impacted by supply chain issues, and how long the project should take. You can also look up reviews at
  5. HOME SHOW - McGovern said one of the best ways to shop is at the Home Show, which is happening for another weekend, March 11-13. Again, go home to still do your research.

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