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Town of Tonawanda electrician looks for refund after paying twice for parts

John O'Connor
Posted at 10:07 PM, Apr 19, 2023

TOWN OF TONAWANDA, N.Y. (WKBW) — Last June, John O'Connor, owner of Ken-Ton Electric, paid Graybar Electrical Supply Company $660 for parts that he needed for his customer.

"It wasn’t due until July, so I watched it on my computer for three weeks, and they didn’t cash it," explained O'Connor.

Within those three weeks, O'Connor said he bought an additional $120 in wiring from Graybar and got an updated bill in the mail. The total was $786.74, including the latest purchase of the wiring.

However, since the first check had not been cashed in weeks, O'Connor assumed there was an issue. When he got the bill for $786.74, he paid the entire total.

When both checks cleared for $660 and $786.74, he realized his mistake and contacted Graybar for a refund.

"I've talked to them several times, and they said you're going to get it," said O'Connor.

He never got the refund, so he contacted 7 Problem Solvers for help.

"I was getting nowhere," said O'Connor. "You're the only one who answered."

On Monday, 7 Problem Solver Michael Schwartz contacted Graybar's corporate line and local office in Cheektowaga. He then went to the office. An employee later told Schwartz that due to privacy reasons, O'Connor's situation cannot be discussed, but said it was settled a while ago.

The employee contacted O'Connor. On Tuesday, O'Connor told Schwartz Graybar is sending him a check for the refund, in what appeared to be a miscommunication.

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