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Roofer stiffs nonprofit that was helping Buffalo woman

Owrine Johnson's Home
Posted at 8:00 PM, May 17, 2023

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — When Owrine Johnson, who lives in Buffalo, needed a new roof, she found JCM Roofing to do the job.

Johnson said JCM Roofing advised her to apply to Home Headquarters, a nonprofit based in Syracuse that helps New Yorkers with home improvement.

Johnson got approved by Home Headquarters for the $9,800 job. Half of the job would be through a state grant, and Home Headquarters would pay the other half of $4,900. Jonhson would make monthly payments to Home Headquarters for their $4,900 loan.

"Supposed to start somewhere in April [2022]," said Johnson. "They never had a response."

Johnson said when she tried getting in touch with JCM, and when she was finally successful, she was told the company did not have a record of being paid. That's when Johnson said she canceled the job.

Johnson was charged $370 for the work Home Headquarters did to secure funds, but she also received notices of late fees on the loan.

7 Problem Solver Michael Schwartz spoke to a Home Headquarters representative that said any late fee notices can be ignored, and Johnson doesn't owe the nonprofit anything.

Home Headquarters is now trying to get the $4,900 back from JCM Roofing with the help of state authorities and Johnson.

Schwartz called and texted the Lockport roofing company. After multiple attempts, a child answered the phone. A woman said her 9-year-old just got a phone last month with the same number on JCM's website.

In the meantime, Johnson had another company put a new roof on her home to prevent leaks that she had.

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