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7 Problem Solvers gets Buffalo woman credit on the faulty stove

Posted at 12:27 PM, May 02, 2023

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — A Buffalo woman is now getting an additional $255 credit toward a faulty stove, after she spoke to 7 Problem Solvers.

Karita Brown emailed 7 Problem Solvers about a stove that she bought from Orville's Home Appliances in 2021. Within the first year Brown said the stove's computer had to be replaced twice. Then right after this past Thanksgiving, carbon monoxide leaks were traced back to the stove two days in a row.

Firefighters and National Fuel were at Brown's house both days answer the CO2 calls.

"They said the only way we’re not going to evacuate you is we got to disconnect this," explained Brown.

The stove was disconnected, and moved to Brown's garage.

For Brown, she wasn't taking any chances with carbon monoxide after two of her cousins died from carbon monoxide poisoning in their Buffalo home more than 20 years ago.

"I'm afraid of taking it to the curb, someone may get it, looking like a brand new stove and end up dead," said Brown.

Brown said after the stove was disconnected, she went to Orville's on Black Friday looking to get compensated for a new purchase. She said the appliance store couldn't help financially, so she contacted the warranty company. That company offered her a $255, but Brown refused it.

Brown said she paid about $1000 for the stove, and getting $255 back for consistent problems wasn't fair. She felt a fair compensation would be at least a $500 credit.

After contacting 7 Problem Solvers, 7 Problem Solver Michael Schwartz emailed Orville's. A customer relations manager said if Brown would've purchased a new stove at Orville’s, the company would have been able to match the warranty company's $255 credit, for a $510 total credit to Orville's, but Brown said she was never told that.

When Schwartz explained that to the customer relations manager, Brown got a call from Orville's saying even though she purchased a new stove already elsewhere, the company will still match the warranty company's $255.
"All because of your correspondence with them," said Brown to Schwartz. "I fought with them for months, then I contacted you, my friend said contact Channel 7, Michael Schwartz he handles things like this."

Orville's customer relations manager said this is the first time they are hearing about this situation, but happy to see it resolved.

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