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Customers claim Getzville fence company is corrupt and cringey

Posted at 7:34 AM, Jul 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-07 07:34:58-04

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. (WKBW) — Multiple families contacted 7 Problem Solvers after they said they gave thousands of dollars to Fusion Fence for new fences, but the work was never done.

Kate Troskosky said she hired Fusion Fence on April 5, of 2021 to replace her chained-linked fence. She said she researched multiple other companies before hiring John Gordon, owner of Fusion Fence.

"He had great reviews," said Troskosky. "After he got my money is when things sort of fell apart."

Troskosky said she gave Gordon a check for $5,000, half the total of the project, to get supplies. She said he cashed it, but no supplies were delivered.

Troskosky said she was told the fence would take up to six weeks. 7 Problem Solver Michael Schwartz went to Troskosky's Cheektowaga home to see her old fence is still up.

"Every time I reached out to him he was always out of town," said Troskosky.

Amanda Gorko, of Lockport, said she got the same "out of town" responses from Gordon. This was after communication with the business owner went south.

"He asked me at least 50 times to go on a date with him," said Gorko. She said text messages and Facebook comments became very inappropriate.

Gorko showed Schwartz some of the messages she saved from Gordon. One read, "Hug and kiss you. Make you all mine." Gorko said Gordon even asked her to be "friends with benefits."

"He was holding my money hostage," said Gorko. "Like if I wasn’t going to have sex with him, he wasn’t going to do my fence."

Gorko said Gordon showed up to her salon multiple times to get a haircut, but stopped communication with her once she got a boyfriend.

Gorko said her fence has never been completed. She paid Gordon $4,000 on June 26, 2021 to replace her old picket fence. She said supplies were delivered, but since it caused damage to the property Gordon did give her $2,000.

Schwartz called Gordon's business phone number, and personal phone number, but never got a call back. Schwartz also texted the number that sent Gorko those unsolicited messages. He got a reply from someone claiming to be Gordon's friend, because Gordon is "very sick" with COVID-19.

One message to Schwartz said Gordon wants to make this right. Another text brought up details about customers including Amanda, before Schwartz even mentioned Amanda.

During the text conversation on Tuesday, Gordon's website was taken down. Schwartz questioned this, and was told it was due to Gordon being out of work for a "very long time."

Schwartz asked "Gordon's friend" for an interview, or to be contacted with a representative for Gordon, but those requests were ignored. The next day text messages to Gordon's number went unanswered.

Troskosky has since filed a complaint with New York State Attorney General Letitia James' Office. You are encouraged to do the same if you have had a similar experience with Fusion Fence by clicking here.

In the meantime, if you have any consumer problems that need to be solved, email Michael at

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