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Conflicting claims in Buffalo apartment bug battle

Riverside Ave Apartments
Posted at 6:28 PM, Jul 20, 2022

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — Two roommates who live in the Riverside Apartments, on Buffalo's Riverside Avenue, called 7 Problem Solvers for what they claim are bugs biting through their skin. However a building manager said if there are bugs, it's because of the tenants.

"One day I'm walking across the room, and something shot me in the upper part of my foot," said Algerina Walker. "It made my foot get numb, and I could feel something moving around in my leg."

Walker and her roommate George Stoddard told 7 Problem Solver reporter Michael Schwartz that they have been going from hotel to hotel since the start of June. They said they can't stay in their apartment anymore.

"I feel like I'm losing my mind," said Walker.

The building is owned by APL Properties. The head of grounds and operations did not want to go on camera. He said an exterminator has been to the apartment to check it out, but cannot spray due to clutter on the floor. The head of grounds and operations said Walker and Stoddard do not keep their apartment clean, but Walker says she is "a very clean woman."

One neighbor in the building said bugs are not an issue in his apartment. As for Walker, she's hoping to hire someone soon to clean up the clutter so APL can send an exterminator in on the company's dime.

"What the law says is the landlord is responsible for infestations like that unless it's the fault of the tenant," said housing attorney Adam Bojak.

"One thing I do tell tenants is, if they are sure they did not cause the infestation, they do have the right to do the remediation themselves, and then subtract what they spent on that from the next month's rent," said Bojak.

A great tool to confirm if there are actually bugs in your apartment is Cornell University's Insect Diagnostic Lab, which can identify your case through samples or images.

"A good portion of what they send in is not what they think, and that's the benefit of our lab," said Kevin Schermerhorn, a technician at the lab.

The lab says they cannot accept any sample with bodily fluids.

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