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7 Problem Solvers tracks down management of overgrown Buffalo home

James Deal
Posted at 5:42 PM, Jun 07, 2023

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — James Deal, of Buffalo, called 7 Problem Solvers about the home behind his. It has weeds, and vines growing over his fence onto his property.

"They grow about six to eight feet tall," said Deal.

He said the home has been vacant for multiple years, and he called the city the last five years, but it hasn't led to any results.

There's also a large tree that is leaning over in the yard, which Deal is concerned could fall over and hit his home.

7 Problem Solver Michael Schwartz researched the property to find it's owned by Buff Real LLC, but the address leads back to a PO Box.

Erie County Clerk Mickey Kearns told Schwartz that all the paperwork for LLC's in Erie County get filed through his office, and it's "very difficult to keep track" of.

Kearns said this unkept property, which is on Chenango Street, has more than 34 City of Buffalo violations, and it's behind around $2,000 in taxes.

"Many times people hide behind LLC's," said Kearns. "It's difficult for code enforcement officers, and even housing court to find out who the proper owner is."

Schwartz was able to find a man connected to the property. He lives in the Williamsville area. The man told Schwartz he is a manager of the Chenango Street property, and didn't realize the yard was in the condition it's in. He said he would get it cleaned up as soon as possible.

When Schwartz went back to Deal's home two weeks later to see a small tree was removed, but the large tree still remains with piles of branches.

"Too little...Way too litte," said Deal.

Schwartz is still waiting to hear back on when exactly the big tree will be removed, and the future of who will be Deal's newest neighbor.

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