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7 Problem Solvers gets accessible parking spots repainted for East Aurora woman

Posted at 12:51 PM, May 23, 2023

If you frequent the East Aurora shopping center on Riley and East Main Street, like Lisa Pimental, you may not notice multiple accessible parking spots that are barely visible. The faded paint, and ignorance of other drivers parked illegally in accessible parking spots, contribute to Pimental having a hard time finding accessible parking when she goes to the shopping center weekly.

"Able-body drivers who are illegally parking in those spots are taking up spaces for people like me who need them," said Pimental, who has trouble walking. She said 26 years ago a drunk driver rear-ended her vehicle putting her in the hospital for 11 months.

When 7 Problem Solver Michael Schwartz met with Pimental in that shopping center, they saw a car stop in the accessible parking zone. The driver was waiting for a takeout order at a nearby restaurant.

"It's frustrating," said Pimental.

"I said I would paint them," explained Pimental, who is an art instructor. She told Schwartz she was trying to bring awareness to this lot's issue since August, but had no luck.

Schwartz was able to get in contact with the manager of the property on the same day he met with Pimental. The property manager said this was the first time she had heard about Pimental's complaint, but can now get someone to repaint the lines as soon as possible so more drivers are aware.

On Wednesday morning Pimental texted Schwartz a picture of the parking lot with freshly painted bright blue lines.
The manager told Schwartz she was in a wheelchair following an incident, and understands how frustrating it can be to not find an accessible parking spot.

"Some people just don't realize if you're not directly impacted by it," said Pimental.

You can be fined around $200 in New York State for parking illegally in an accessible parking spot.

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