Tapestry Charter reopen focuses on equity

"Addressing the needs of our children that need us the most"
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Posted at 5:45 PM, Aug 11, 2020

BUFFALO, NY (WKBW) — “Given our student population — is making sure that we are addressing the needs of our children that need us the most,” stated Eric Klapper, executive director, Tapestry Charter School.

Charter schools are also working on their reopen plans. Tapestry Charter in north Buffalo is preparing for students to return both in-school and remotely.

Outside the Tapestry Charter School in north Buffalo.

The school buildings are located along Great Arrow Avenue. About 1,000 students in grades K-through 12 attend Tapestry.

Klapper says the school has a diverse population with 70-percent who come from economically disadvantaged homes.

“So education equity is a huge guiding principle in our planning process,” Klapper said.

Tapestry Charter students enjoyed a dance class back in early March prior to the COVID shutdown.

Students in K through 2 will begin with a hybrid return, but by the week of October 5th they will be in school every day.

Students in grades 3 through 12 will be placed in two groups and attend two days with virtual learning added.

But Klapper says about 35 to 40-percent of parents have already notified the school they will keep their kids home for 100-percent on-line learning.

Inside Tapestry Charter School.

“As a school leader and then also as a parent myself — I completely understand the position that we are putting our parents in, our students in and we're sensitive to that and frankly the position we are putting our staff in,” remarked Klapper.

The school will also offer pop up testing later this month and in early September for any family who would like to get a COVID test, but it's not mandatory.

"We also are working with our community partners and we will have voluntary testing sites for A-symptomatic and those will be open to any of staff or students. It will be right here on site at tapestry,” Klapper said.

The school will also provide more outdoor time for students.

Tapestry's campus off Great Arrow in north Buffalo.

“We are also incorporating a lot of out door time, so we are very, very fortunate to be on the campus here at Great Arrow and we have access to to a lot of outdoor space and so we're utilizing every square foot of that space,” Klapper explained.

Even the library space at Tapestry Charter will be transformed into a second grade classroom for social distancing.

“We’re utilizing every single square inch of our space here,” declared Klapper.

Inside library space at Tapestry Charter.

Klapper said they are also planning to update the schools ventilation system.

Students will be required to eat lunch in classrooms.

Students and staff must also wear masks at all time, however, mask breaks will be provided.

The first day of school for Tapestry students is September 8th.