Learning successfully at home: Tips for parents to help remote and hybrid learners

Posted at 9:26 AM, Sep 08, 2020

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — With so many school districts beginning the year with remote learning or hybrid plans, 7 Eyewitness News is going to the experts for some tips to help students and parents have a successful year.

Tip 1: Let's Talk WiFi
This is the first week of school for most local students, and experts say it's the right time to sit down as a family and make sure everyone has what they need logistically. Many siblings will have to share computers or tablets, if parents are working from home the entire family might be relying on internet service.

We spoke with Jamie Rackl from EPIC, or Every Person Influences Children, who suggested that families might want to consider creating a chart to lay out when each person has commitments for school and work.

"Who needs the Wifi when? When does everybody need to be tuned in? Who needs screen time at what time?Some districts are doing some sort of live teaching in which kids are going to need to engage. Others have prerecorded lessons, so there's a little more flexibility," she explained,"

Tip 2: Dress for Success
She also suggested making sure kids are dressing for success. As tempting as it might be to wear pajamas or sweat pants all day, it can be beneficial to get up, get dressed, and get that routine going, even when you have nowhere to go.

"I know we all want to be part of pajama academy," Rackl laughed, "But we also know that from studies if you're a little bit more dressed up, you engage a little bit more in the tasks that you're participating in."

Tip 3: Find a Routine
As the week goes on, it's important to find a routine for your kids and to stick with it as much as possible. If it works to mimic the hours of their "normal" school day, parents can do that. If those hours won't work for parents because of their own work schedules, experts say it's ok to shift things - just try to develop a routine that works for your family.