School zone cameras set to go back online Tuesday at six Buffalo schools

Posted at 8:30 AM, Oct 12, 2020

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — The school zone speeding cameras outside six schools in Buffalo will be back online Tuesday.

According to a press release from the City of Buffalo, the city will begin enforcing school zone speeds at schools that have already opened for in-person learning.

Drivers who are caught speeding by the cameras will receive a $50 speeding ticket per infraction. It's part of the Buffalo School Zone Safety Program, meant to protect kids from getting hit while they're near city streets, especially during student pick-up and drop-off times in the mornings and afternoons.

The city lowered the speed limit to 15 miles per hour in 20 school zones, citing a study from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that found that pedestrians who are hit by a vehicle traveling 20 miles per hour have a 90% chance of survival. That chance decreases rapidly as the speed of the car increases.

Speeding cameras will be active in the zones around Buffalo Promise Neighborhood Children’s Academy, Canisius High School, Nichols School, Notre Dame Academy, St. Joseph University School, and Westminster Community Charter School.
The city published this chart of the hours during which the cameras will be active:

Buffalo School Zone cameras to go online Tuesday
Buffalo School Zone cameras to go online Tuesday.

Mayor Byron Brown's office says the goal is to get 100% of drivers to comply with the school zone speed limits of 15 miles per hour.