How will the Williamsville Central School District reopen?

Posted at 5:51 PM, Aug 06, 2020

WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. (WKBW) — The Williamsville Central School District released their plan to return to school with both a hybrid model and remote model. Remote learning simply didn't work for Jason Frese's 6-year-old daughter Presley.

“She's been doing video sessions. They're tough. They're challenging especially for parents because they just want to play with mommy and daddy. They're not getting the education they should be. Let's put it that way,” Frese said.

Presley is a kindergartner in the Williamsville Central School District. This upcoming year, she'll be in kindergarten again.

“We're going to have her repeat kindergarten. She missed half a year and those are crucial skills that they learn for going to first grade. You start reading. You're writing all your letters. My wife and I just don't feel that she's prepared yet so we're going to have her repeat,” said Frese.

He said he fears his daughter will fall even more behind if remote continues. That's why he said he’s hoping for the hybrid model come September.

Williamsville's hybrid model breaks students into four groups.

  • Group A, last names A through L, attends school Monday and Tuesday.
  • Group B, last names M through Z, attends school Thursday and Friday.
  • Group C consists of English language learners. They go to school every day except Wednesday.
  • Group D is made up of students in self-contained classes. They go all five days of the week.

“I would start it off staggered, just to see if we have an uptick or there are issues or if the protocols aren't working,” Frese said.

Of the 3,900 parents the district surveyed, 36% agree with Frese; Kids should go back in a hybrid model. Yet 48% said students should return as normal with precautions. 16% said kids should not go back at all.

“They'll make sure our kids are safe, and they'll make sure themselves, the teachers and the principals, are safe,” Frese said.

Governor Cuomo said he would make a decision on whether kids would return to the classroom or continue remote learning this week.

To view Williamsville’s entire reopening plan click here. To see the entire parent survey, click here.