East Amherst mom's goal to motivate others

Posted at 5:22 PM, Aug 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-12 19:22:54-04

Allie Granchelli is one of a growing number of gym owners thinking outside the box.

“We’ve got the whole set going. We have nine stations. We’re doing everything we possibly can to adapt to the situation.”

Granchelli owns 9 Round East Amherst. It’s a 30 minute, full body circuit, training facility that’s technically been closed since mid March until this week when Granchelli began offering classes in the back parking lot of her gym.

“It makes such a huge difference when you’re with a group of people versus in your living room by yourself,” said 9 Round member, Lisa Miller.

Granchelli is also a new mom. She said it’s been tough juggling everything. So, she’s launching an online service at the end of the month called “Monarch and Moon.” The goal is to be a support system for other women who also feel the pressures of increased responsibility during the pandemic.

"There’s different organizational tips we have. There’s one on one coaching that we offer. There’s different resources to help females prioritize what their goals are.”

In Granchelli’s case, it’s all about helping others prioritize physical and mental health.

“To me, it is the most important thing,” she said.