Having trouble finding a laptop in stock? Here are some cost-effective alternatives

Posted at 6:49 PM, Aug 19, 2020

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — Low cost laptops are in high demand with more Americans working from home and going to school remotely, but a price sort from low to high on Best Buy shows one sold out laptop after another.

Two other options are refurbished laptops, and desktops. 7 Eyewitness News found more than a dozen used laptops for under $200 at WalMart.

Mission Ignite in Buffalo helps bridge the digital divide. Christine Carr Barmasse is the Executive Director and said an alternative is ditching the laptop altogether, especially if you're student is not on the move.

"When you're in an in home situation, desktops are a great solution, and they're really much more steady when you talk about a steady state," she said.

She added that they're generally a cheaper option. While Mission Ignite is sold out of used laptops, it does have desktop models.

7 Eyewitness looked for desktop deals on the websites Best Buy, Walmart, and Target. The best deal we found was a total of approximately $170 after taxes at Walmart for a mouse, keyboard, used Lenovo desktop computer, and used HP monitor.

When it comes to software packages for the school year that include applications like word processors for typing assignments, spreadsheets for data, and slideshow makers for presentations, there are free options. Apache Open Office can be downloaded from the internet, and G Suite can be accessed with a Google account.

As for tablets, Mission Ignite suggests desktops and laptops for school, and says Chromebooks continue to be on the rise.

At the end of the day Carr Barmasse said it's about personal preference and making sure the programs your school requires are compatible, and if they are, she recommends to get your hands on whatever device you can.